Welcome to King’s College!

As you decide on your future educational career, we are happy to share a bit about us. Established in 2009, We offer both BBA and MBA programs with a focus on nurturing entrepreneurial mindset. We are the first college in Nepal to offer an MBA Entrepreneurship degree.

Our courses are affiliated to Westcliff University, California, US. These are approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal and also recognized by Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

We promote Entrepreneurial Spirit through Progressive Education. We love shaking things up, trying new ideas and challenging stereotypical norms.

We believe real learning is experiential. It’s not only about classrooms, books, or examinations, but it’s also about understanding the real life. We are guided by the philosophy that students learn best when they are connected to the social realities outside the four walls of classrooms.

This belief is also manifested in our teaching model and curriculum, based on the continuous assessment system. This is a rigorous, challenging, yet rewarding. We nurture communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity skills in our students.

To help you in your journey of continuous learning by doing, we have established a number of Excellence Hubs.

King’s Incubation Centre can help you in your journey to become an entrepreneur. Here we support budding entrepreneurs through training, mentoring, seed-fund and free workspace. Even students outside King’s College can participate in this program. We incubate both business and social entrepreneurship.

Empowerment Academy, as a communication and empowerment wing, will work with you towards becoming better communicators, collaborators, critical thinkers and creative solvers. You will participate in a number of workshops and trainings on writing, presentation, designing, storytelling, and various life skills.

Center for Research and Development (CERAD) is an autonomous body and research wing at King’s College with a mission to transform King’s College as a research institution of global repute. In this center you will be exposed to outstanding research, credible publications, and distinctive training in research.

Executive Education Center at King’s College offers working executives powerful skill-based executive programs. Based on accelerated learning methods, these programs help develop personal and professional strengths. Wish to build some real networks and connections with the corporate houses, while adding to your skills of marketing and presentation? This is the place for you to get involved.

Mentorship Pathway runs a unique program that helps graduates, undergraduates and professionals in self-coaching. It aims to help you to tap into your best self and to radiate upon what you intend and want to do in life.

TeachLAB is designed to inspire teachers to gain enough creative confidence so that they can be innovators – inside and outside the classrooms. It is Inspired by the teaching & learning philosophy practiced at Oamk LABs, Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Demola is an international innovation challenge platform, which works to bridge the long-existing gap between companies and university students. Demola Global, established in Tampere, Finland, brings a team of multidisciplinary university students and company’s experts to work together and co-create a solution for an innovation challenge set by the company.

Community service learning program CSLP is an initiative of King’s college that draws its inspiration from the philosophy of Community as curriculum CAC. The CAC philosophy is based on the idea that learning best happens when students are connected to the social realities outside of the classroom walls.

Yunus Social Business Centre is the centre of innovation and entrepreneurial development at King’s college. It facilitates the growth of Social Entrepreneurship and Commercial Entrepreneurship through academic teaching, training, providing access to seed capital, mentoring and networking.

DoLAB- King's aims to make education self-directed, reflective, and engaging for our students and participants. It wants to create entrepreneurial citizens by continuously innovating and updating our course. The method is based on the Lab Studio Model, designed in Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland.
Let’s explore the chapter of our story that involves international collaboration. Do you wish to go overseas to further sharpen your skills and create an international network? We have established a number of collaborative associations with many institutions of global repute, e.g. intercultural exchange program with Labitrie School, Tournefeullie, France, scholarships to our graduates from PIM Thailand, collaboration with NCU, Taiwan and Oulu University of Applied Science, Finland, exchange agreements with 3A École supérieure de commerce et développement lyon-Dakar, research exchange with Toyo Gakuen University, Japan.

King’s College has also entered into an exchange program with California State University (CSU) – San Marcos & Monterey Bay, and State University of New York (SUNY) – Albany, where students can enjoy benefit of 2+2 program, i.e. students can complete two years at King’s College and transfer to any of above universities in the U.S. to complete the remaining two years.

Placement and Internships: After passing out, you might land up with a job with one of the best institutions in Nepal, just like many of our alumni did. Our students have interned or recruited by the top companies from Nepal, including Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Nepal SBI Bank Ltd., Nabil Bank Ltd., Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of Asia Ltd., Mega Bank Ltd., NMB Bank Ltd., Mercantile Exchange Nepal(MEX),Nepal Derivative Exchange(NDEX), Ncell Pvt. Ltd., Hotel Yak and Yeti, Hotel Annapurna, STC Network, Sri Lankan Embassy and Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket & Departmental Store to name a few.

While in college, you might wish to produce podcasts, vlogs, short documentaries, or a YouTube channel. Our King’s Media Lab—soundproof and equipped with audio video recording and editing console —is here help you engage, involve and prepare for today’s digital age.

Let’s summarise a few additional points while you study with us.

Learn Chinese language: We run Chinese language classes for our students with the support of Confucius Institute, China. We have volunteer Chinese teachers who reside at our own premises. Every year our students and faculty members visit China in an exchange program sponsored by Confucius Institute.

Student Counselling: We have a team of three faculty members who profile and counsel the students at the periodic interval of eight weeks. Your academic record, behavioral conduct, interests, skills, health and other relevant issues are captured through online and offline student profile pack at the time of orientation.

Health Insurance: We provide health insurance with full health coverage to all BBA and MBA students. Coverage Plans include Group Life (GL) Coverage, Group Personal Accident (GPA) Coverage and Critical Illness (CI) Coverage.

Experience the convenience of our central and easily accessible location.

Our well stocked library has sufficient books plus dozens of national and international journals including a rich collection of 1000+ Harvard titles and periodicals, an online library resources, where you can have access to millions of books and academic resources over a click.

Our IT lab has more than 100 computers with high-speed internet (60 mbps) and Wi-Fi.

Lastly, unwind at the King’s Student Lounge while discussing various ideas, amidst relaxing and comfortable amenities.

We have a very spacious (around 2400 sq. ft.) roof-top cafeteria that offers delicious food prepared in a hygienic ambiance.

BabarMahal, Bijuli Bazar, Kathmandu


Westcliff University, CA, USA