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Universal College

Universal College is located at Shantinagar, Kathmandu. Established in 2054 B.S. by a team of professionals, who have academic and administrative experiences in Nepal and abroad, has been growing as one of the best private colleges in Nepal. The college is jointly managed by KMC Educational Network, Universal Educational Foundation and Florida Education Network, Pvt. Ltd, Nepal. The motto of the college is "Do not give fish to students, teach them fishing skills".

The mission of Universal college is to make itself a center of excellence in Nepal by offering a student-focused teaching-learning environment so as to educate students for leadership roles in business and behavioral sciences.

Along with +2 program, Universal College offers graduate and post-graduate programs such as BBS, BBA, BA with English, Journalism and Sociology as major subjects and MA in English in affiliation with Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu.

The standard of the Universal college is substantiated by its outstanding academic performance every year at its all levels. As a result, Universal College has an international reputation for excellence in education and students are recognized all over the world.

Nowadays, international boundaries are growing smaller and businesses are becoming global. In every field smart personality, cutting-edge knowledge and skills are required to become a successful man. Quality education, therefore, is essential day by day for students in order to be established in this challenging and changing

It is also essential for higher education to be accessible to all in the community and not limited to the select few who are the ablest to take advantage of it. Therefore, the college is sincerely committed to giving equal, opportunities to all in order to make their dream come true with their hearts and minds united.

Universal college also gives them courage to face intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical challenges and act boldly on the beliefs and virtues we teach. In the college students get a suitable environment to grow and flourish originality, inventiveness and creativity.

All the physical facilities available encourage them to develop and hone their talents and let their imaginations roam free. Universal college backs students' urges to invent, create, explore and imagine which will allow them to express themselves and become accomplished and confident.

The college also focuses on social services and social responsibilities which have formed a part of the hearts and souls of since its inception. Universal college's students' education will be shaped by the college's unequivocal commitment to social services, too. The college is also involved in a wide variety of projects and students are encouraged to take part activity.

Universal college has been a favorite college for students' personal and professional growth. It has a rich tradition, including a faculty committed to teaching who care for and give individual attention to students/graduates who are well equipped to contribute to their profession as well as to society, programs that are current and cutting-edge, and excellent in service to the college and the community.

The students in college enjoy a world-class education at modest fees. The combination of academic excellence and financial flexibility puts Universal college at the top among private institutions. It includes an outstanding student body, a low student-faculty ratio, and the maintenance of the highest academic rigors.

The scholars and learners at Universal college value free inquiry, excellence, and the expansion of the knowledge and skills that are necessary to meet the needs of the nation's evolving democratic culture. The college shares a sense of public responsibility – responsibilities of citizens in the immediate community, the region, the country and the world.


To help students acquire and develop knowledge, skills, values & leadership qualities relevant to the 21st century and beyond for their personal and professional growth

The mission of the college is to attract industrious students from all backgrounds to serve a meritocratic Nepal; inspire them to be just and ethical citizens; train them to be wise and principled leaders, and help them become what they promise to be by developing positive attitudes towards thinking, collaboration, leadership, problem-solving and decision-making by widening their horizons to think globally but still rooted in Nepal’s heritage, history and culture.


Expand student’s intellectual and spiritual horizons by focusing student-centered teaching-learning activities
Prepare students to take-up middle level managerial positions in the business sector
Develop students’ skills in object-oriented business & IT management fields and leadership, who are capable of understanding and solving practical business problems creatively
Provide professional IT education with a blend of various IT fields such as design, development, and programming, digital marketing and so on
Prepare students to proceed onto postgraduate level study in business administration and information technology
Provide life-long education & training that produces smart and skillful graduates, capable of sustaining individual career success within a global economy
Core Values:

Universal College has articulated six core values that guide operational ethos and commitment to deliver unparalleled support for students.


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