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Enhancing Education through Technology – Arniko Int’l SS & College

Gyan Khabar

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२३ माघ २०७९, सोमबार
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Enhancing Education through Technology – Arniko Int’l SS & College

Arniko Int’l SS & College located at Talchhikhel, Lalitpur aims at providing quality IT education to the students of higher secondary level, aiming to produce market-ready IT manpower in Nepal.

With the ever growing demand of IT services and digitization, there is a huge scarcity of skilled manpower in the global IT industry. Many companies in Nepal and abroad are facing scantiness of skilled manpower and to cope up with the demand of the future, they have started planning and providing work transferrable IT skills to the higher secondary level students. In this regard, Treeleaf Technologies, Krafters Technology, AUXFIN(Dutch company) and BIT Iconic have signed an agreement with Arniko Int’l SS & College to incorporate rigorous IT Skills in its academia, so as to prepare the students for the need of the future.

Arniko Int’l SS & College, which is in verse of celebrating its 50th year of establishment has positioned itself as the one of a kind in Nepal in blending IT Skills in school & college level; will now be able to spread its wings towards turning its Tech Savvy students to market-ready sellable skilled manpower. The collaboration with software companies includes several clauses benefiting the students pursuing +2 level.

• Introduction of rigorous IT skills (programming, designing, technical writing, AI, Machine learning, IoT& problem solving skills) as part of the curriculum;
• Short term and long term training programs on Industry specialized technologies.
• Career counseling in IT fields.
• Strengthening of Arniko Research Lab and Arniko Club;
• Technological, expert and economic sponsorship for the club programs.
• Providing opportunities to Students of Arniko for internship, on the job training & placements;
• Arniko’s Staffs professional development in the IT domain;
• Sharing or creation of educational materials and resources.
• Providing a pool of professional ICT manpower to the partner companies

Furthermore, Arniko Int’l SS & College is providing sound environment for technical research for higher secondary students and established research lab where students can work with project. Recently, a project entitled “Automatic Fertilizer sprayer” has stood first position in MechTRIX-2023 held at Pulchowk campus.

Arniko International SS & College has started a farsighted step which it hopes will become a revolutionary step in uplifting the IT industry of the country. Such collaboration at higher secondary level between academia and industry is a milestone in starting a ripple of movements in the overall IT education of Nepal.