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Empowering Research and Innovation: National College of Engineering’s New Grant Program

Gyan Khabar

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२२ भदौ २०८०, शुक्रबार
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Empowering Research and Innovation: National College of Engineering’s New Grant Program

In a groundbreaking initiative, the National College of Engineering (NCE) in Nepal is set to provide substantial research grant funding to support innovative and impactful research projects. This pioneering grant program aims to foster a culture of research, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and advance knowledge in Nepal.

NCE is excited to announce this research grant opportunity for academic researchers, scholars, and undergraduate students from engineering colleges and campuses affiliated with Nepalese universities. The grant is designed to encourage collaborative research and drive innovation in multidisciplinary areas.

A minimum of five research groups will be selected through a competitive process, with each group receiving NRs. 2,00,000 (rupees two lakhs) in funding. The grant can be utilized for various research-related expenses, including personnel salaries, research materials, travel, data analysis, and more.

Understanding the obligation towards enhancing the research culture in the nation, National college of Engineering announces the availability of a research grant:

Who can apply: faculty and students of engineering campuses/colleges in Nepal.
How much fund: available minimum fund NRs 10,00,000 (ten lakhs in words), NRs. 2,00,000 for each selected research group.
Target no. of awardees: a minimum of five groups.
Research areas: Engineering and Applied Science .
Minimum participation criteria: a group consisting of a minimum of one faculty and an undergraduate student.
Project duration: one year
For further details, log in through a link https://nce.edu.np/new/research-grant-funding/